Core Return Policy

Cores returned must be complete and “AS REMOVED” from the engine on which they were operating.  Returning an incomplete and/or damaged core or a core different from the model/part number of the carburetor requested in exchange may result in deductions from the core deposit.  Some cores may be unacceptable and may be of zero value as a core. Cores that are severely damaged, not of the appropriate model/part number, have major parts missing, or that do not have data plates, for example, may be rejected and will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.  MSA will dispose of such carburetors unless the customer pays to have it returned within 30 days.  As a general rule, MSA will not refund a core deposit for an unacceptable core.  Cores must be accompanied by the core return tag included in the exchange carburetor package sent to the customer.  If you do not have a core return tag to put with a carburetor you wish to return, contact MSA.  Returning a core later than 30 days after the date of purchase of the exchange carburetor associated with the core may result in deductions from the core deposit.

For additional core return information or other assistance, please contact MSA at:

Telephone 336-446-0002; FAX 336-446-0007; or
for further information 

In general, you should ship your core to the vendor from which you purchased your exchange carburetor.  If, for some reason, doing so isn’t practicable, please contact MSA.

Core Deduction Table

Chg Description
30% MA™ Throttle Body
80% HA-6™ Body / Bowl
10% Fuel Inlet /Strainer
10% Mixture Arm
15% Float
Chg Description
30% MA™ Bowl Assembly
10% HA-6™ Cover
10% Throttle Arm
10% Nozzle
10% Idle Tube