At Marvel-Schebler® we provide the highest quality materials and components. Our products are manufactured and tested under the strictest quality standards ensuring that they are dependable and safe. We have a dozen employees who specialize in engineering and design, quality control and manufacturing.

Who we are: Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors LLC is the only manufacture of genuine Marvel-Schebler® carburetors, parts and OEM and FAA-PMA™ carburetor type fuel controls.

What we do: Marvel-Schebler® provides factory new, factory rebuilt, factory overhauled carburetors and Marvel-Schebler® replacement parts to keep your carburetor running like new. We are focused on piston engine airplanes and work closely with manufactures to ensure that you have the product available. At MSA, we provide certified carburetors and FAA-PMA™ replacement parts and new carburetors, as well as overhauling and rebuilding carburetors at our FAA authorized facility. In addition, Marvel-Schebler® provides the service information, manuals, service bulletins and direct factory technical assistance that maintenance technicians and aircraft owners and operators need to do their jobs efficiently and economically. Our products are sold directly to aircraft engine manufactures as well as worldwide through a network of well-known distributors.

The Marvel-Schebler® Values: We are committed to providing carburetors that have been manufactured or serviced to the highest quality standard. Every carburetor receives a dynamic fuel delivery analysis from its idle setting to full throttle operation as defined by OEM engine manufactures.